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Turnkey PCB Assembly

Turnkey Printed Circuit Assembly

Sourcing components is often problematic when it comes to PCB assembly. Coordinating lead times, component overages, part substitution logistics, multiple component vendors and your PCB assembly house is a big drain of energy and resources.

In addition, many quality control factors come into play with consigned assembly kits.

Typical Lead Times

Full & Partial Turnkey Assembly - Typical turnaround times:

BOM Verification & Quoting 2 business days from submission
Component Sourcing 1-3 business days from order date (depending on availability)


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Full Turnkey vs. Partial Turnkey (Consigned Assembly)

We offer both full turnkey PCBA and partial turnkey. Both options have similar concepts - they reduce your responsibility to source electronic components, including overage calculations, managing the BOM, logistics, inventory and more.

Full turnkey assembly includes the entire spectrum of services including:

  • Material & component sourcing & acquisition
  • Order tracking, shipment, logistics with assembly facility
  • Physical assembly of the printed circuit board
  • Quality control
  • Final shipment to you

Partial turnkey, on the other hand, allows customers to take control of one or more of the processes listed above. Typically, this would be sourcing and shipping some or all of the components (consignment or partial consignment).

The consignment assembly model is becoming less and less common due to the many benefits that come with full turnkey assembly.

Partial Turnkey & Consignment Options

  • Consignment: Full consignment means you provide the materials and components needed for a specific project by shipping it to us. We will then complete the assembly and deliver completed products.
  • Stocking Consignment: A stocking consignment is similar to full consignment but is an ongoing relationship. You purchase and ship us the material and have us stock it for future use, ensuring moisture-free conditions, proper inventory levels and quick access for new orders.
  • Combination / Hybrid Consignment: In this scenario, you provide some of the materials and/or components.

Benefits of Turnkey Assembly

In general, delegating all or part of the responsibility for component sourcing and assembly to us is beneficial for many reasons:

  • We have established relationships with all the major authorized component vendors which allow us to leverage better rates, more accurate ordering, more accurate delivery and more (economies of scale).
  • Turnkey assembly minimizes or eliminates the need for additional inventory storage for the electronic components.
  • We will ensure proper overage amounts for on-time delivery.
  • Saves time for you to utilize more effectively on other aspects of the project.
  • More control of quality assurance through every step of the process, including proper labeling, shipment, storage and a wide range of PCBA testing protocol.
  • Eliminates BOM and consignment kit inconsistencies (that may arise from part substitutions or additions/updates).
  • Benefit from the latest technology without new capital expenditures.
  • Reduced in-house kitting costs, including labor and intermediary shipping/receiving.

Typically, a full turnkey assembly will lead to a quicker delivery and more consistent end-products leading to a shorter time to market!

Guidelines for Partial Turnkey & Consigned Kit PCB Assembly

Components for surface mount assembly should be on tape and reel. Cut tape may also be used but only if there is sufficient tape to mount into the feeders.

Quantities & Overages

By far the most important factor for consigned PCB assembly is component quantities.

It is critical to provide the correct quantities, including overages, and ensure the count is correct when the components are shipped out (we cannot logistically count every single component).

Please refer to our component overages cheat sheet below for the quantity of spares needed on the tape to account for attrition:

  Quantity Needed
Component Size Need less than 20 pieces Need less than 50 pieces Need less than 100 pieces
01005 Order 150 or more Order 200 or more Order 250 or more
0201 Order 100 or more Order 150 or more Order 200-250 or more
0402 Order 100 or more Order 150 or more Order 200-250 or more
0603 Order 100 or more Order 150 or more Order 200-250 or more
0805 Order 50 or more Order 100 or more Order 150 or more
1206 Order 50 or more Order 100 or more Order 150 or more

The quantities required above would be for each set up of the feeder and remaining parts will be lost during the removal and reinstallation. So, if the assembly job is being set up more than one time or on future runs, additional components will be required.

View more details on our PCB component overages "cheat sheet" page.

Proper Identification in BOM & Kit

When submitting a consignment kit, it is important that the part numbers match the BOM, including any alternate part numbers.

Advanced Packages / BTCs (Bottom Terminated Components)

BGAs, QFNs and other similar components should be verified to the PCB footprint. Footprint errors that are found at placement cause difficulties as they would require a special reflow process (often with custom tooling) after initial population and reflow soldering and cannot be hand soldered.

Inspection of Consigned Bare Boards

If the bare circuit boards will also be consigned, a full inspection of the boards should have been done beforehand. While we will conduct a basic quality inspection of the circuit boards, a full inspection of items like fabrication notes, hole sizes, certifications and dimensions should be conducted by the customer.

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