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San Diego

San Francisco Circuits - San Diego

Our San Diego office opened its doors on February 1st, 2016.

We're excited to now have two offices that work tirelessly to meet your needs - anything from double sided quick turn, to flex, metal core, blind/buried vias, consigned or turnkey assembly.

The new location was selected after we noticed an increase of exciting, high-tech R&D in Southern California, primarily with higher reliability being of concern. The new location compliments our ability to provide stronger, more effective and efficient service to our existing customer base. The expansion to a new office was considered for a few years now and we decided that this was the perfect time and place. We’re excited to continue adding more team members to San Francisco Circuits to continue providing our customers with the customer service they’ve become accustomed to. With this new office, we plan on speeding up quote response time and, as always, we’ll continue providing high quality product on time!

San Francisco Circuits - San Diego

3914 Murphy Canyon Rd., Suite A244
San Diego, CA 92123

Ph: +1.858.576.7202

Fx:  +1.858.576.7209
Corporate Email:

San Diego PCB by San Francisco Circuits

Sam Danovich (VP of Sales), Alex Danovich (President) and Krysti Wilkinson (San Diego Office Manager)  at San Francisco Circuits’ New San Diego Office

San Francisco Circuits, Inc.

1660 S Amphlett Blvd #200
San Mateo,CA 94402
Toll-Free: (800)732-5143

San Francisco Circuits - San Diego

3914 Murphy Canyon Rd., Suite A244
San Diego, CA 92123
Local: (858)576-7202

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