Lead Free PCBs

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San Francisco Circuits has been providing our customers with prototype lead free PCBs and lead free production-quantity circuit boards (both RoHS compliant PCBs & WEEE compliant PCBs). We have a large network of manufacturers capable of very fine, high-level technologies like HDI PCB, with the certifications required, whether it's military PCB certifications or lead free RoHS directives.

RoHS Compliant PCBs

In compliance with the RoHS directive, our boards do not contain:

  • Cadmium and its compounds
  • Hexavalent chromium compounds
  • Lead and its compounds
  • Mercury and its compounds
  • PBB (Polybrominated biphenyl) compounds
  • PCDE (Polybrominated dephenyl ether) compounds

Lead Free Finishes

We provide PCBs (PCB manufacturing and assembly) with various lead-free finishes: lead-free Solder Finish (lead free HASL), Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold (ENIG), Electroplated Nickel and Soft (bondable) and Hard Gold, Immersion Silver, Immersion Tin (White Tin), Organic Solderability Preservatives (OSP).

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All of our lead-free PCBs are built from UL approved laminates which withstand the high temperature and long duration lead free assembly cycle (in excess of 260 degrees C). These laminates are suitable for lead free assembly processes that require the laminate base material to withstand temperatures in excess of 260 degrees C or 500 degrees F for extended periods of time. High temperature laminates ensure the higher temperature cycling requirements for some lead free PCB assembly applications.

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