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Ethics Statement

San Francisco Circuits, Inc. Ethics Statement

This ethics statement explains how we run our business. The objective of the ethics statement is to ensure that all our employees uphold the highest standards of ethical behavior.

Our commitment to the law and ethics

  1. We conduct all our business honestly and ethically and will not compromise our basic values.
  2. We will decline to deal in business that requires illegal or unethical behavior.
  3. We uphold and enforce a code of conduct that guides us in our dealings with customers, suppliers and fellow employees
  4. We promote superior business ethics.

Our service to our customers

  1. Customers are treated fairly and with respect.
  2. We strive for excellence and for value, quality and performance in all our services.
  3. We constantly strive to reduce organizational costs in order to maintain competitive prices.
  4. We continually improve our services through training.
  5. We strive to implement policies that will make our performance superior.

Our commitment to our employees

  1. The major criterion for promoting and compensating our employees is quality of performance.
  2. Employees are granted an equal opportunity for development and advancement and we aim to develop each employee's potential to the fullest.
  3. The opinions and suggestions of employees are respected.
  4. Employees are provided with competent management and guidance.
  5. The actions of management are just and ethical.
  6. We comply with the United States Federal and State Laws and respect the rights of our employees and others.

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