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Sustainment Interview with CEO Alex Danovich

Sustainment Interview with CEO Alex Danovich

Sustainment Interviews San Francisco Circuits CEO Alex Danovich on the PCB Industry & What Sets SFC Apart from the Pack

San Francisco Circuits CEO Alex Danovich was interviewed by CompanyWeek, a publication from parent company Sustainment that highlights stories from American manufacturers.

The supplier profile covers Danovich’s history in the PCB industry, starting in 1992 with various positions up to starting San Francisco Circuits in 2005.

On the origins of SFCircuits, Danovich explains:

It is almost impossible for a single company to provide all available and required technologies for printed circuit boards and be competitive. Most manufacturers will try to build high-tech PCBs, but the yield will be low, and the price is high. SFC Circuits has manufacturing partners with a wide range of technologies, and they build PCBs based on their technology niche.

The supplier profile on CompanyWeek continues:

Danovich wanted San Francisco Circuits to offer more support to its customers than a typical broker and to adhere to higher standards of professionalism. "In 2011 we were already an ISO certified company, and for a small company like ours, it was very unusual at that time," Danovich says. "We were one of the first PCB companies that became NIST compliant."

Today, San Francisco Circuits offers PCB program management, prototyping, and production to customers across a multitude of industries. For most customers, the company arranges both fabrication and assembly, although it allows customers to select services a la carte if they wish. "Some customers choose fabrication only. Some customers choose assembly only and provide us with bare boards," Danovich says.

Danovich credits the company’s success to his employees' dedication and loyalty, as well as their commitment to learning on the job. "We are constantly training our employees and training ourselves," he says. "That's what differentiates us."

The piece also covers the importance of domestic PCB production and why San Francisco Circuits values being an American company providing US-made printed circuit boards.

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