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Metal Core Printed Circuit Boards

metal core printed circuit board

Today's advanced electronics require higher power levels and larger heat removal from denser chip packaging. New microelectronics is packaging more density than ever into a smaller package, resulting in higher heat densities and creating new heat related problems. Metal core high thermal conductivity chip packaging advances allow higher output designs to run cooler.

San Francisco Circuits will provide you with different types of Metal Core PCBs:

  • Single sided thermal prepreg on metal for power supplies and LED applications for heat removal only.
  • Double sided boards where the core is metal for either thermal conductance and or CTE requirements.
  • Multilayer boards with a metal core in the center for CTE and for thermal considerations.
  • Multiple metal cores in multilayer for tighter CTE control.
  • Thermal plane technology for higher density and higher thermal dissipation metal core boards.

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If you can't find it anywhere else it's time to call the PCB fabrication experts at SF Circuits. 


We are proud to announce that our experts are ready to share their knowledge with you on different technologies used in the PCB Industry.

This month, we are featuring Metal Core PCB.

If you are a PCB designer looking for help on designing thermal management metal core printed circuits and looking for information on how to develop the most efficient designs our experts and Robert Tarzwell, PCB's industry guru, will definitely help you with that.

"Metal Core PCB Design" book by Robert Tarzwell is available now in our new PCB School section. This new handbook may prove to be exactly what you're looking for. Filled with insights on how to develop the most efficient designs for PCB's industry the book covers such germane topics as:

  • Engineering low CTE Metal core boards
  • Heavy Copper Thermal Metal circuits
  • Thermal planes: A substitute for Metal Cores
  • Manufacturing double sided Metal Core Boards

Check it out today at: SF Circuits PCB school

A Special Offer from San Francisco Circuits

Download the e-book version of 
Metal Core PCB Design 
By Robert Tarzwell
right now absolutely free!

Visit & Login for free: SFC PCB School to Download this e-book.

Meet the Team:

San Francisco Circuits appoints Vickie Duarte Global PCB Engineer

Vickie Duarte

Vickie Duarte

San Mateo, California: Alex Danovich, President of San Francisco Circuits has announced the appointment of Vickie Duarte to the position of Global PCB Engineer. In her new position Ms Duarte will be responsible for technical customer support and new business development.

Ms Duarte has over twenty five years of experience in the printed circuit board industry encompassing all aspects of PCB production including manufacturing, planning, front end engineering, Quality control as well as sales.

"We are extremely pleased to have some of Vickie's caliber join our team, said Danovich, "as we continue with our goal of being a truly outstanding customer support company  providing our customers with a  borderless portfolio of PCBs; I am sure that Vickie will prove to be a tremendous asset. Her years of experience and her understanding of what customers need  will certainly make San Francisco Circuits a much stronger company."

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