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SFC January 2011 Newsletter - Offshore with Value

SFC January 2011 Newsletter - Offshore with Value

Offshore with Value

An Interview with San Francisco Circuits' Vickie Duarte, Offshore specialist By Dan Beaulieu.

Vickie Duarte
Dan Beaulieu

Industry veteran Vickie Duarte recently joined San Francisco Circuits as their offshore specialist. Having worked with a number of printed circuit board fabricators, most recently Titan West where she was also involved in their offshore partnerships, Vickie has developed a reputation as being one of the industry's experts when it comes to handling offshore partners.
I had the chance to talk with her a few weeks ago about offshore business, where it has been, where it is today and what things look like in the future.

DB: Offshore Specialists? What do you do in that role?

VD: I am responsible for vendor qualification. The qualifying process includes but is not limited to quality systems check, capabilities check, pricing and categorizing the suppliers for different technologies.

DB: So you build boards with the best offshore manufacturers for your customers?

VD: We have qualified several offshore suppliers for different board technologies to meet all of our customers needs. We feel that in these economic times we can pass this savings on to our customers. However, we will never send something offshore without the customer knowledge. We do have customers that have ITAR and or mil-spec requirements or who wish their boards manufactured in the US, overseas manufacturing is not for them.

DB: What is your background? How long have you been working with offshore suppliers?

VD: I have been working with offshore suppliers for nearly a decade. I have worked with many manufacturing and sales engineers overseas.

DB: What do you look for when choosing a good supplier from Asia? And is it Asia by the way?  I assume you are working with shops in China and Taiwan is that correct?

VD: Actually we have fabrication houses not only in Asia. We are "Borderless" and qualify fabrication houses "Globally".  We are looking for the best Quality, Price and On Time Delivery.

DB: What kind of value does SFC add to this? How do you bring value to this transaction?

VD: Most importantly we form secure relationships with our suppliers. We take the worry away from the customer. We have done all the work qualifying and forming the relationship with the supplier making them our partner.  We will build your boards where they are best suited, dependent on technology. We will also cover all technical aspects to ensure the highest board quality and on-time delivery.

DB:  How do you find the prices these days? Is there still a great deal to be had by going offshore?

VD: Actually as time goes on more and more people are turning to the global market and the prices have come up. They are still considerably more competitive in the lower technology boards especially as the order quantity increases. Please don't misunderstand they are doing metal core, flex and HDI at competitive pricing also.

DB: Let me ask you some things about San Francisco Circuits itself. There is no doubt that you are very passionate about what you do. What is it exactly that has lead to your success in recent years? What makes SFC work? - What makes your company different?

VD: I have worked for different companies in the PCB industry for many years. SF Circuits has expertise, knowledge and unprecedented customer service. Everything is possible with "Unlimited Capabilities". I think we are the only ones who really offer no limits to any technology.

DB: I know that you just recently joined SF Circuits. What made you decide to join up with this team?

VD: I worked with Andrew Gonzales (V.P. of Engineering) previously before he came to San Francisco Circuits. I have known him since 2002. I have a great amount of respect for him. He is sincere and has a great knowledge of printed circuit boards. I worked with Alex Danovich (C.E.O.) since 2006. I always wanted to work for a progressive company with big plans to grow. SF Circuits philosophy is based on delivering happiness to our customers and employees. We do that through incredible customer service, knowledge, variety of technologies, quality of PCB's and on time delivery.

DB: Well Vickie, thanks for talking with me today. As we wrap this up is there anything else you'd like to tell our readers? This is your chance to sell your company and your product. Why should people use SF Circuits?

SF Circuits is really bridging the concept with reality. We have no limits on technologies, "Borderless PCB" means that if you can't find it anywhere it is time to contact us, SF Circuits. If you want to be happy and problem-free contact us and we will deliver happiness with PCB's to you!
Call us and you will see for yourself.

San Francisco Circuits is one of North America's fastest growing value added brokers. They specialize in providing their customers a complete solution from PCB design, fabrication and assembly. Vickie Duarte is their off shore specialist...

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