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Borderless Boards

Borderless Boards

San Francisco Circuits Introduces Borderless Boards

San Mateo, CA - July 26, 2010 -  Alex Danovich, President of San Francisco Circuits today introduced his Borderless Boards his company's new values added Printed Circuit Boards service. San Francisco Circuits is now able to offer its customer any kind of circuit board solution they require thus the name Borderless Boards.

As a value added distributor using a number of well qualified suppliers San Francisco Circuits has literally no restriction on the PCB technologies or services that they are able to provide to their customer base. Whether a customer needs single or double sided FR4 boards or very high technology blind and buried via boards or rigid flex boards they will be able to get them by contacting San Francisco Circuits.

When introducing the program Mr. Danovich stated: "this is truly a breakthrough program for our industry. After studying the market for the past few years we determined that there was a very strong need for a company that could provide literally one stop shopping. So by developing a portfolio of very strong and fully qualified partners we have established the capability of giving our customers whatever they need when they need it when it comes to printed circuit boards. In fact our greatest successes come from companies who are stuck for a particular board and have nowhere to turn. When they call us we solve their problem by providing them with exactly what they want when they want it."

When asked about this new offering, the industry guru said, "It's about time someone comes up with this idea. Companies are so attached to their own real estate to their own shops to their own capabilities that they just don't get it. They don't understand that customers want solutions, they want what they need, not what we want to sell them. What San Francisco Circuits is doing will actually change the way people buy boards in the future. I really look forward to watching how this all turns out."

If you can't find it anywhere else its time to call the experts at SFCircuits. SFC Borderless Boards include metal core PCB, high layer boards and flexible PCBs.

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