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San Francisco Circuits on Twitter

San Francisco Circuits on Twitter

Check out the San Francisco Circuits Twitter page to see our daily Tweets on PCB technologies and the PCB industry.

San Francisco Circuits Twitter

Each day, we've dedicated ourselves to creating an insightful tweet concerning a different, themed topic each week:

Mondays: Standard PCB Technologies
Tuesdays: Special / Advanced PCB Technologies
Wednesdays: Miscellaneous PCB Information
Thursdays: Standard PCB Technologies
Fridays: Special / Advanced PCB Technologies

Follow sfcircuits on Twitter

Follow San Francisco Circuits on Twitter

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How many parts need to be ordered for your assembled boards? This is a question we hear on nearly every PCB assembly project we undertake. Our overage cheat sheet below will help you know how many of each component size need to be ordered and at what quantity.

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It's been another record year for San Francisco Circuits, and this Holiday Season, we'd like to reach out and thank our customers for letting us be a part of your PCB projects.

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